Virtual Appointment

If you haven’t already done so, simply call 716-655-1000 and request to schedule a virtual appointment. We offer complimentary consultations for new patients and there are no additional fees or charges for our observation, active or retention patients that choose to be seen virtually at any time throughout their care. We are happy to provide you with this convenient option and grateful that you have chosen Buccieri Orthodontics for your quality, personalized orthodontic care. We look forward to discussing your needs and concerns with you at your upcoming scheduled virtual visit. To help us prepare, we ask that you submit to us a few simple things to allow Dr. Heather to better assess your orthodontic treatment needs prior to and during your visit. At the time of your scheduled visit, simply click the link here to enter our virtual waiting room and our appointment will begin at your scheduled time. We look forward to seeing you!

Here are some simple steps to help us prepare for your visit:

STEP 1: Take the following nine photos. You can use a small teaspoon to better help retract lips and cheeks out of the frame. If you have a photo-friend to help you, it is easier but these photos can be taken as a selfie if needed. A small fun photo trick - if you happen to have cheek retractors from the board game, “Speak out” they work great.

Don’t worry if it is difficult to get a good image. Do the best you can and we will work with you to finalize official diagnostic records in a subsequent appointment in the office at your convenience. You can also use a video if you find that it is easier to show your or your child’s dentition and communicate your concerns.

Fill the frame with your face for the first three


  • 1. Straight frontal, full head with no smile.
  • 2. Straight frontal, full head with a smile.
  • 3. Profile, full head of your right side, no smile.

The next three are images of just your teeth. With your teeth together, close up, using spoons or cheek retractors to hold lips away to get a better view of the dentition.


  • 4. From the front, teeth together, retract both cheeks.
  • 5. The back right teeth (biting together) retract right cheek more than left.
  • 6. The back left teeth (biting together) retracting the left cheek more than the right.

Two are with your mouth wide open (You can use the spoons to *pull your lips out of the way).


  • 7. Tip your head back to take a picture of your upper arch.
  • 8. Drop your head and take a picture of your lower arch of teeth
  • 9. Lastly, if able to do so, please take a picture of any area or teeth that are of particular concern to you, or any unusual tissue or area of recession.

STEP 2: For new patients, please complete this brief patient questionnaire that will help us to know your concerns and better prepare to answer any questions you may have at the time of your virtual appointment. For existing patients, please alert us to any concerns or questions you might have that Dr. Heather can address at the time of your virtual visit.

  • 1. What is your chief concern? What about the patient’s teeth or bite concerns you most?
  • 2. Any oral habits such as mouth breathing? Thumb sucking ? Nail biting? If yes, for approximately how long ? Does the habit persist?
  • 3. Has the patient ever had any type of orthodontic care before? If so, what type of care and when?
  • 4. Does the patient have any dental problems or a history of problems related to their dentition or previous dental treatment?
  • 5. Is there anything you would like Dr. Heather to know, or questions that you have that will help her best prepare for your upcoming virtual visit.
  • 6. Who is the person answering the questions above and what is your relationship to the patient that will be seen (self/parent/ guardian/ etc.)?

That’s it! Please return photos and answers to the questions above to We look forward to meeting with you and thank you in advance for the opportunity to do so.

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